First blog post

Eek Our first blog! Well Mindfulness For Everyone was but an idea, a dream. Now were live and up and running. Exciting times ahead for us all.

Several years ago it was an idea to teach Mindfulness after dealing with my own life struggles. I wanted to be able to make Mindfulness affordable for everyone but not to diminish the quality of it either. After years of training and teacher training with the aid of my teachers and the continuing development in attending retreats, other courses to compliment these teachings. I made the decision to leave the NHS where I was teaching Mindfulness and a wide range of courses within the NHS.

I would like to thank the following people that have been inspirational in my journey so far and continue to be a source of knowledge, wisdom and friendship. Rob Nairn who I met once and made me “Dare to Dream” without that brief encounter none of this wold be possible. A special thanks to Vin, Kathy, Fay, Heather, Choden, Paul, Hannah, Simon, Helen for your help inspiration and continued support is second to none, Thank you.

If you could grow to your best self.

Patient, not demanding.

Accepting, not condemning.

Nurturing, not with holding.

Self Marvelling, not belittling.

Gently guiding, not pushing and punishing.

For you are more sensitive then you know.

Mankind is tough as war yet delicate as a flower.

We can endure agonies but we are open fully only to warmth and light.

And our need to grow is as fragile as fragrance dispersed by storms of will.

To return only when those storms are still.

Accept, respect and attend your sensitivity.

A flower cannot be opened with a hammer.

Daniel F Mead